THE Squad

SquadUp is brought to you by lonely gamers who have discovered how connecting with others can level up their gaming experience.

"Helping lonely gamers one squad at a time."
Uh oH we lost Jack!

I'm a software developer, 3D generalist and nature lover. I've been enjoying video games since I was young, now I'm learning to create them. My free time is consumed by watching youtube tutorials with my dog and trying to get swole at the gym.

Uh oH we lost Stephen!

I have been a gamer my entire life, since Frogger and Joust days on the Atari. After newly discovering my love for Software Development, it was only a matter of time until I worked on a project like SquadUp!

Uh oH we lost Jaz!

The only founding Mother of ; ) who has been gaming since the young age of 7. I find the joy in escaping into the virtual world broadening my gaming preferences from educational to first-person shooter enjoying new fun challenges and adventures.

Uh oH we lost Cesar!

A proud founding father for In my free time I like to play video games, watch sports, and hanging out with my son!

Uh oH we lost Aiden!

A member of the development team at SquadUp™. Some of my hobbies include, drawing, walking, dancing, and of course, playing video-games. My goal in web development is to create efficient, user-friendly, and visually appealing websites.